Happy HeartsEdit

Airing Date November 7,2010-January 23,2011
Total Episodes 12
Star 5 (64.00)
Starring Natasha Kozlowski, Aoi Matusura, Bea Bellfodda, Daniel Gonzalez, Gerald Hernandez, Jason Isidro
Synopsis The story revolves around 3 sisters Bella (Natasha Kozlowski) Diana (Aoi Matusura) and Fina (Bea Bellfodda) who stills in a goal to overcome their heart breaks from their unfaithfull ex-boyfriends. Until one day each one of them had accidently meet 3 cool and handsome guys Harry (Daniel Gonzalez) Jason (Gerald Hernandez) and Larry (Jason Isidro) in the birthday party of Bella.
Awards 31st MMT Awards
  • Best Afternoon Weekend Actress - Natasha Kozlowski - Won
  • Best Afternoon Weekend TV Series - Love Season: Happy Hearts - Won
  • Best New Male Personality - Daniel Gonzalez - Nominated

14th MBN Loveteam Awards

Main Cast
Supporting Cast
Guest Cast

Exchange of HeartsEdit

Airing Date December 11,2011-July 1,2012
Total Episodes 30
Star 4 (21.00)
Starring Rick Harris, Alice Fernandez, Mikey Isidro, Angelie Tan, Isaac Gibson, Lydia Carlton
Synopsis Ynigo Salcedo (Rick Harris) is lovestruck with May Barcelona (Franchesca Mays) Sarah Velasco's (Alice Fernandez) bestfriend. But Sarah wasn't totally agreed with Ynigo and May together since Ynigo is known for being a playboy, so she makes a plan by making Ynigo go away from May but ended up falling for him. Ynigo now really angry at Sarah when he finds out that Sarah lied to him about May's feelings, but now it's too late to tell everything to May in person about his true feelings for her since May went to the states to study there for about a year. The angry Ynigo makes Sarah's life miserable at school, including making her embarass in front of class saying that she's a thief and also seen having 2 boyfriend at a day and the worst of all that she lost her virginity at an early age (which is not true). Sarah now very embarass and angry at Ynigo for telling lies in front of her classmates. The next morning when Sarah went to school her classmates and the other students are bullying her now unlike before saying words to her like slut, call girl, bitch, even throwing or ruining her stuff. But since Sarah just ignores them for her mother's sake who's in the hospital because she has a congenital disease. After school Ynigo followed Sarah to get her kidnap and raped, but when he notices that Sarah is not going home but in the hospital he wonders, he then followed her inside the hospital only knowing that her mother is sick and about to die in a 5 months if she hasn't gotten a heart transplant, at that time she sees Sarah cries and lies to her mother that she's been treated well at school, that her classmates is good to her, he then feel guilty for what he did to her, at school again he then tries to apologizes to Sarah for everything he did to her but only got slap from her saying that never to see his face again ever in her life. Ynigo now tries everything to get Sarah forgives him only not noticing that she's falling in love with her.
Main Cast
Supporting Cast

You and IEdit

Airing Date July 8,2012-September 23,2012
Total Episodes 12
Star 5 (87.50)
Starring Nami Wallner, Ren Cruz, Oscar Toralba, Charlotte Mercier
Awards 2012 - 17th MMT Awards
Best Weekend Drama Series = Won
Best Mini-Series = Won
Best Mini-Series Actor = Ren Cruz = Won
Best Mini-Series Actress = Nami Wallner = Won
2012 - 2012 SES Choice Awards
Best Weekend Television Series = Nominated
Best Weekend Television Young Actor = Won
Best Weekend Television Young Actress = Won
Best Love Team Ren Cruz&Nami Wallner = Won
Young Actor Popularity Award = Ren Cruz = Nominated
Young Actress Popularity Award = Nami Wallner = Nominated
Synopsis Chloe (Nami Wallner) a cheerful girl had dream to be a famous actress one day just like her idol Fatima (Charlotte Mercier) so she tried to auditioned for the drama called You and I a teen romantic drama which the leading star is Jerome (Ren Cruz) a famous actor, but when she got picked as the leading lady of Jerome their first day of taping has been a disaster due to Jerome and Chloe not getting along together.
Main Cast

Only YouEdit

Airing Date September 30,2012-February 17,2013
Total Episodes 21
Star 5 (13.33)
Starring Raja Lee, Hiro Matsumoto, Yumi Olinares, Erick Isidro
Synopsis Vivian (Raja Lee) a cheerful and energetic girl had been set up by her mother Karina (Hannah Cruz) to go on blind dates since she's scared that her daughter will never been able to find the right person for her and that she will never had a good life with her, since Vivian is so busy on her work just in order to pay her mother debt and in order for them to eat everyday, she even drop out of school just to help her mother work. So Karina had set up her daughter in a blind date with Kiefer (Hiro Matsumoto) son of a successful businessman, Kiefer is indeed claim as "perfect" in some other girls since he was rich, smart, and handsome, but he has a flaw for being a playboy, stubborn, and arrogant. First meeting of Vivian with Kiefer did not go so well since Vivian can't take Kiefer's bad attitude, but as time goes by and they always argued or fight over something they find themselves falling for each other.
Main Cast
Supporting Cast
  • Hannah Cruz as Karina Salcedo

 Next Stop, Loving YouEdit

Airing Date February 24,2013-June 30,2013
Total Episodes 19
Star 5 (29.47)
Awards 1st MBN Popularity Award
Starring Yuson Javier, Sarah Walter, Sheena Park, Anna Nashwell, Alex Burnhurst, Cedric Uena
Synopsis Marjorie (Sarah Walter), Myca (Sheena Park), and Trixie (Anna Nashwell) are childhood best friends and all of them are not so successful when it comes to love, since every time they go out with some guy, the guy always ended up dumping them for another girl, so they decided to make a promise that they will never ever go out with guys again, and decided to go on a trip, but during their trip they met Alex (Yuson Javier), Troy (Alex Burnhurst), and Felix (Cedric Uena) three brothers that will make the 3 friends life different.
Main Cast

Carrying LoveEdit

Airing Date July 7,2013-October 4,2013
Total Episodes 14
Star 5 (17.33)
Starring Michael Reyes, Kayla Yamamoto, Pearl Montes, Lira Chen, Kenneth Sterling
Theme Song Undenying Love by Miguel Orleans
Synopsis Carlo (Michael Reyes) and Jeanne (Kayla Yamamoto) are celebrating for the success of their drama, on the other hand the jealous Yvette (Lira Chen) who didn't get to play the lead role that was given to Jeanne had plan to ruin her career together with her ambitious manager Theresa (Rebecca Avenida). After drinking too much alcohol Carlo and Jeanne had ended up together and a couple of weeks Jeanne had discovered that she was pregnant.
Main Cast
Supporting Cast
  • Renato Russo as Bernabe "Bert" Aguilar
  • Fatima Mercado as Deborah Asuncion
  • Gino Javier as Jeremie Rivera
  • Rebecca Avenida as Theresa Mondragon
  • Irene Aquino as Sandrine Rivera
  • Madonna Villalba as Lara Fuetabella-Rivera
  • Daniel Martinez as Brice
  • Abel Garcia as Calixto "Carl"
  • Nieves Gonzalez as Valerie
  • Leah Ramirez as Paulette
  • Uno Soriano as Dr. Henry Lobregat
Guest Cast

Marry Me MaryEdit

Airing Date October 11,2013-December 27,2013
Total Episodes 12
Starring Arc Anderson, Bea Bellfodda, Sarah Alvarez, Richard Smith
Star 1 (1.50)
Theme Song Love Love Love by Bea Bellfodda
Main Cast